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Gyro Training Scotland

We offer flight training by the hour, aswell as intensive training courses for potential pilots, and air experience flights to the public and private groups. Potential pilots and thrill-seekers alike will be able to trial and undertake training to Private Pilot Licence (Gyroplane) standard PPL(G).

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Fixed Wing Training

Ever fancied flying a plane – for fun to try it out, or to gain an NPPL – National Private Pilot’s License? At Alba Airsports, you can have a go in one of our fixed wing microlight planes. Explore the amazing Scottish Countryside. Fly over Perthshire or have look around the Scottish Highlands.

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Flex Wing Training Scotland

Flexwing Training

The best way to find out what flying a flex wing microlight is all about, is to come along and have an introductory experience flight. You’ll be given a safety briefing, and an overview of the aircraft controls, and once seated securely you and your instructor will take to the skies for the experience of a lifetime.
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Learn to fly in Scotland – Gyrocopter, Fixed and Flexwing Microlight Aircraft

Learn to fly microlight aircraft or Gyrocopters in Scotland. Alba Airsports are the official microlight and gyrocopter training providers for the Scottish Aero Club, the largest and oldest Aero Club in Scotland. We offer trial lessons and full training to PPL on Gyrocopter, and NPPL for fixed and flexwing microlight aircraft.

Learn to fly in Scotland – Located at Perth Airport our training facilities are second to none. With three runways, an operational tower, modern clubrooms, on-site lodge and cafe, and spectacular scenery in all directions!

There is no better place to undertake flight training or to experience that once-in-a-lifetime flight over the Highlands of Scotland.

Experience beautiful Perthshire from the air!!    Flying lessons in Scotland

Just a couple of miles North of Perth, in  unrestricted airspace, and only a few minutes away by air from the beautiful Scottish highlands.

We operate 7 days a week – weather permitting – within daylight hours.

Alba Airsports is open for training and gift voucher flights throughout the year. Additionally, we provide microlight & Gyrocopter servicing, propellor ​and rotor ​ balancing, permit inspections, check flights, hangarage and more!​

Perth airport

I Passed With Alba! – I’m A PILOT   😆